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At the tender age of five, Thomas Maxey's love for music was ignited by the power of sound emanating from his Fisher-Price turntable. Fascinated by the way musicians paint with these invisible frequencies, he embarked on a lifelong journey to develop his own sonic palette. 

Drawing from his roots in jazz, funk, soul, house, & hip-hop, Thomas blends elements of the familiar, the forgotten, and the unknown, cultivating a versatile repertoire that complements any genre. His intuition, flow, and attention to detail are unparalleled, allowing him to read the energy of any space and elevate it to new heights.


But Thomas is more than just a DJ. He is a visionary collaborator who conducts your imagination into reality.​ Whether playing at an intimate gathering or a crowded club, he always puts the best track forward. He has shared the stage with renowned artists such as Hayden James, FKJ, and Miike Snow and frequently collaborates with musicians from around the world. After living in Berlin and honing his skills in composing original music, he has returned with a deeper understanding of what truly moves us. 


We deserve to hear the best selection for every moment; let's connect each one with a song. 

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